Tips and Tricks for Moving With Pets

Congratulations, you’ve started the moving process! However, you’ve remembered that you’re not the only one moving in your household… Your pets are coming, too. Here are some tips and tricks for ensuring that the move is as easy as possible for you AND them.

Do your research.

Make sure to research local pet laws for the new area, especially breed bans in different states. Additionally, read over the pet policies if you’re moving into an apartment. These policies can include fees, number of pets allowed, weight restrictions, noise tolerance and leash requirements.

Reduce their stress. 

Moving and big changes can be incredibly stressful for pets. Try bringing moving boxes to your house early on in order to get them used to the new routine of packing. Additionally, make sure they’re used to being in a carrier, so that they’ll feel comfortable during the move itself. You can train them to stay in their carriers by gradually increasing the amount of time they spend in it and by using treats.

Visit your vet. 

Make sure to visit your pet’s veterinarian to get a checkup. Ensure that all your pet’s vaccination requirements have been fulfilled, whether it is for a new apartment or for the new area’s rules and regulations. Ask your vet about whether motion sickness medication or stress medication could be beneficial for the move as well. 

Gather important documents.

Request your pet’s medical records and health certificate, which verify that your pet is free of disease and up-to-date on all their vaccinations. Also, remember to obtain a rabies tag and valid rabies vaccination certificate. 

Create a bag of essentials.

In an easily accessible bag, pack an emergency bag full of essentials that your pet might need. This could include food, leashes, collars, treats, health documentation, water bottles, collapsible bowls, towels, medication, toys, blankets and a first aid kit. This will be especially important if you have to stay in hotels (make sure that they allow pets before you book a room), which may not have accommodations for pets. Additionally, keep important information about your pet on your phone, such as photos, breed information, collar color and your vet’s number.

Keep them safe once you’ve arrived. 

Once you’ve arrived at any location, always attach a leash to your pet before opening the doors. Don’t let them off a leash, especially in an area that is unfamiliar to them because they may get lost. Try to pet proof the new home before letting your pet free by closing toilets and doors that lead outside, removing poisonous plants and moving cleaners or chemicals to hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, try to set up their area first with a bed and blanket so that they can get settled in and allow you to unpack peacefully. Finally, once your new address is settled, update your pet’s location on their tags or microchips.

Congratulations on successfully completing your move, and enjoy your new home with your loving pets! When considering who to hire for helping you move, keep Arthur Perez Movers in mind. We’ve been helping families and their furry friends move for generations.

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