Tips for Packing Your Valuables for a Move

The moving process is long and stressful. You don’t want to go through the effort of carefully packaging your valuables just to unbox them and find your grandmother’s antiques broken. Avoid the heartbreak of having your valuables broken in the move by using these packing tips and tricks.

Prepare Beforehand

Packing up your valuable items requires a good amount of time and the right tools. Start packing well before moving day to ensure your valuables will be securely packaged. You will need quality boxes, bubble wrap, scissors, packing tape, newsprint and markers to label your boxes. Be sure to label your fragile items with “FRAGILE” to ensure the movers will handle them carefully. 


Pack your dishes side by side rather than laying them flat as they’re less likely to get shattered. Pack each dish in layers of paper to prevent damage. In all cases, put them in their original boxes if you still have them. 


Assess the weak spots (such as handles and decorative elements) and give them extra padding. Wrap them in layers of paper and place bubble wrap around them to ensure any shock will be absorbed. For glasses specifically, place crumpled paper inside the pieces and layer space within the box with paper so there won’t be any room for it to move around.

Small Valuables

Keep small valuables like jewelry in a tiny box so they can go on top of the moving load. It is important to note that valuable items are more than just your fragile items. For example, a child’s beloved teddy bear is valuable to them and must be treated with the utmost care.  For jewelry, you can use pill organizers or index cards to pack your earrings. Your rings can be packaged in hard shell sunglass cases or even egg cartons. 


Pack your electronics in their original boxes or use bubble wrap to bundle them together. Roll up and secure the cables in zip ties to avoid them getting tangled. If you’re taking a printer, remove the ink cartridges to prevent spills. 


Use moving blankets to protect the furniture’s surface and place bubble wrap around fragile places, like the legs. Measure your doorways/furniture dimensions to ensure they’ll be able to fit the pieces without a problem. Remove any detachable pieces like drawers and shelves and package them separately.


Use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap to create layers of cushion inside the box. If the art is glass-protected, make an X out of masking tape to keep shards of glass in place in the event of an accident. 

Final Tips

Your item’s original packaging is best designed for secure transportation – always use it. Gently skate your boxes to ensure the contents don’t move. If they do, add more padding. Double-tape the bottoms of all the cardboard boxes and place bubble wrap on the bottom so it’ll absorb any shock during the moving process.

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