Preparing Your Team for an Office Move

Expanding your business is an exhilarating time for any business owner. When you finally take the plunge to move your growing team to a larger office space, you’ll likely feel both optimistic and overwhelmed all at once. As you prepare for your move, there are a lot of factors to consider. From informing your employees to organizing your new space, you have a lot on your plate. To help relieve some of your stress, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you prepare your team for your upcoming office move.

  1. Inform Your Team

Keeping your team members in-the-know about such a drastic change is vital to keeping morale high. As soon as you are ready to finalize your move, you should break the exciting news to your employees. Not only will your team have a chance to plan for themselves, but they will also likely feel optimistic about the change as well. Make sure you go over the time period of when the move will take place and how it will affect each member, as these details will be important for them to know. Communication in the workplace is key, so whether you break the news via email or during your next meeting, it is essential that you do so as soon as you are able to.

  1. Celebrate!

In most cases, a move means your company is facing an exciting period of growth. Celebrate this growth with your team members to engage them throughout the process. Whether you plan a grand opening at your new space or discuss the benefits of the new office, keeping optimistic about the move encourages your employees to do the same.

  1. Organize Ahead of Time

Before each team member moves in to the new office, it is important that you plan ahead when it comes to the arrangement of furniture, equipment and employee workstations. Make sure that you have a plan in place so that the process moves smoothly, and remember to keep your team informed on these decisions. Another aspect of organizing is downsizing; as your team prepares for the move, encourage them to purge their desks of unnecessary papers or items, as decluttering the workspace will make moving a breeze!

  1. Notify Clients & Customers

Your valued clients are just as important to your team as your employees. When making a move, don’t forget to inform clients of the change in address, as well as any other changes that may result. Remind your coworkers to take the opportunity to share with any clients they may exclusively deal with as well so that no one is left behind.

  1. Hire Professional Movers

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you hire professional movers who are both licensed and insured. Your move likely involves the moving of expensive furniture, supplies and equipment, so making sure the move is done in a timely, professional manner is essential if you want to get back to work quickly after your move.

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