New Orleans, AL

New Orleans is one of the most vibrant cities in the southern United States! With its unique charm, diverse culture and rich history, New Orleans is a city in a class of its own. The city of New Orleans provides its more than 17 million visitors and over 383,000 residents with endless entertainment opportunities. From the city’s gastronomy to its French architecture, there is something for everyone to appreciate in this city like no other.

New Orleans boasts a unique hybrid of French, Spanish and African-American culture and influences. The French and the Spanish ruled the city before the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory in 1803. The settlement of African-Americans introduced their own cultures to the residents resigning within the city.

Today, when visiting New Orleans, you may hear a lot about Creoles and Cajun. During the 18th century, French and Spanish descendants living in the colony of New Orleans were defined as Creoles. Cajuns were originally French colonists who settled in Nova Scotia, but the British exiled them, resulting in Cajuns settling in New Orleans.

Understanding each of these groups adds so much more to the charm of the city of New Orleans as each has contributed so much. New Orleans is a city of music festivals and carnivals, cocktails in to-go cups and fun around every corner. When you visit New Orleans, you visit a place of tradition, superstitions and community. It is truly like no other city in the world, thus inspiring generations of artists, thinkers and free spirits.

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