Can a Moving Company Transport Firearms?

Many of us own a firearm, whether we like to hunt or if we want to protect our family. When it’s time to move to a new home, we want to make sure it is transported safely and efficiently. This raises the question of whether or not moving companies such as Arthur Perez Movers can transport firearms. The answer to that question is “yes!” Moving companies like us can transport firearms during in-state moves and while crossing state lines as long as you own both a license and registration for the gun. Examples of firearms include handguns, rifles or other legal firearms.

However, moving companies prohibit the transportation of ammunition, which is a volatile object. If ammunition were stored in a metal moving van, it could get extremely hot and combust. Not only is it illegal to transport it, but moving companies would not handle it due to the safety of others and themselves. Other illegal volatile objects include gasoline, paints, kerosene and other similar items. When transporting ammunition or other volatile possessions, you should do so in a vehicle you own with proper registration. Keep these items in a locked container, in the trunk or any secure place in the vehicle. Also, you should ensure that you are following federal and state laws and regulations when transporting ammunition. 

When transporting firearms, always communicate to your moving team that these firearms will be in the moving company’s vehicle. What many people find surprising is that labeling the box containing the weapons as “firearms” or something similar is illegal. It would be best if you always used a discreet label; however, do let the moving team know which box contains the firearms. According to the law, your moving team will also need a record of the model, make and serial number for each weapon that will be transported. Ensure this list is ready before the moving team arrives. Ensure that all ammunition is taken out and the safety lock is on. These are basic reminders, but unfortunately, mistakes can always happen. Double-checking for safety minimizes the risk of potential accidents. For increased safety measures, use the cases provided for the firearms or at least pack them with soft foam materials. 

The most important step is research! Always research the legal regulations of transporting firearms for the state you are leaving and for the state you are entering. Also, ensure that you have a license to carry and own each weapon in possession in both locations. As long as the basic requirements are met, you will be protected by Peaceable Journey Laws. However, be mindful that the protection is very minimal and make sure that all legal requirements are met. Here at Arthur Perez Movers, we consider safety to be our top priority. If you are planning to move locally, contact Arthur Perez Movers to ensure the safety of your move today. We are available at or through our number at (504) 241-5535.

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