How to Prepare Valuables for Moving

Although moving can be exciting, it can also be stressful. To reduce stress, the best thing to do when moving is to have a detailed plan for everything. This includes preparing your valuables for moving day. As a team of professional movers, we made a short guide on how to prepare your valuables for a move.

Hire Us as Your Professional Movers

Having a professional moving team makes many things more simple and less stressful for your big moving day! At Arthur Perez Movers, we are more than happy to assist in loading, transporting and unloading everything you need for your new home.

Get Moving Insurance

If you hire a professional moving team like Arthur Perez Movers, this is completely optional. However, if you prefer to not hire a moving team, buying moving insurance can come with benefits. You can easily injure yourself without the proper knowledge, skills, and experience. If you’re handling priceless antiques, having moving insurance as a backup can reinsure your peace of mind as you move.

Ensure You are Using High-Quality Packing Materials

As you know, quality has much to do with many things, even with the basic things of life like wrapping up food with plastic wrap. Through personal experience, I think we can all agree that the pricier one is less frustrating to deal with. The same applies to packing your valuables. Investing in higher-quality packing supplies can ensure a higher chance your vase from your honeymoon trip to Italy stays safe during the move. We also understand that everyone’s situation is different, however, there are many supplies such as packing peanuts and Styrofoam that can be within your budget.

Have a detailed packing plan.

Examine all valuables that will be packed. Some furniture pieces can be taken apart, such as office desks. For easier loading, unloading and packing, disassemble everything and safely wrap each component. However, not all valuables can be disassembled. Make sure you know what can be and what cannot be taken apart. If you have any inquiries, you can always contact us and we’d be glad to answer any questions! Other items are more flexible, and you can check out a recent blog about Tips and Tricks to Packing Us Your Valuables for a Move.

Luckily for you, our movers here at Arthur Perez Movers are qualified to do the most complex steps of moving, ensuring that your valuables make it to your new home, safe and sound. If you’re ready to move, call us at (504) 241-5535 or get a quote today through our website.

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