How to Prepare Your Items for a Moving Team

Congratulations! You’ve finally purchased that cozy home near the lake or reached your goal to expand your business. But first, you have to move. We know that preparing for moving day can be quite stressful, which is why we are here to help. Everyone’s moving situation is different; however, we made a guide on how to prepare your items for our moving team.

Clean and organize your personal belongings

The first step is to clean and organize your belongings. This makes things easier for you to pack away in boxes and unload at your next destination. This includes taking everything out of the drawers of movable furniture. Many believe it is convenient to keep things inside the file cabinet or the bedside table, but the drawers can easily open, leaving your items to fall out and become damaged during the move. As you sort out your personal belongings, you can deem items you no longer need as trash or donations. Make sure you set those things aside and label them with a sign, “DO NOT MOVE.”

Pack your clean and organized belongings

Once you have everything in its place, begin to pack your items. Heavier items should go in small boxes, and lighter items should go in large boxes. This is will protect you and our movers from extraneous lifting. Make sure all valuables are wrapped with a blanket, saran wrap or bubble wrap. All boxes should be labeled with the room it belongs in. Once everything is packed up, space out the area to make a clear path for our movers and keep your furniture separate from your boxes or other large belongings. This helps our movers create a plan on what should be loaded first and how everything should be packed in the truck.

Have instructions for the movers ready to go

Before our movers arrive, make sure you have instructions for them. Moving day can be quite hard but having everything planned can make the process much more efficient and safer. Confusion between you and among the moving team can lead to things left behind or someone getting hurt if a box is left in the way.

Make sure everything is updated

Once it is close to the big day, make sure communication between you and the movers is up to date. A lot of things can change last minute, and having everyone aware of the situation can make the big moving day run smoothly. At your destination, direct the movers on where everything should go. It could be a bit catastrophic if everything is dumped on the front lawn!

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