Making Moves

Preparing for a big move can be a very complicated process. This does not refer to logistics alone, but it can be very complicated emotionally. If you have lived in one location for any length of time, you may find that you have accumulated far more than you thought. Again, this can apply to more than just items that are collecting dust in your basement. The emotions that you may have tied to your home or city can prove to be stronger than you imagined. 

  1. Have a Plan

When you are aware of your move and have a timeline, you should begin with a checklist or to-do list. Aside from where you are going to want to put boxes, there will be many tasks that will need to be completed prior to your move and within the first days of arriving at your new home. First and foremost, you will need to determine what utilities will need to be canceled or transferred. Keep in mind, when you arrive there are certain utilities that will be crucial to have in the early moments of arriving. Trying to set up a new house in the dark and with no running water can prove to be very challenging. Another thing to keep on your list is updating your mailing address.

Making Moves

While you may be happy to avoid some of the ‘junk mail’ you receive, there are very important documents that will be arriving at your new home shortly after closing that will be needed right away. It is also important to pre-plan what materials you will need for the big day. In the world we are living in, shortages and backorders are a challenge you may find yourself dealing with.

  1. Save on Stress 

Two very important topics to give some thought to relate to moving day. Will you be the person packing and moving everything? There are services available to help with both of those things. If you decide to hire movers in any capacity, it is important to read reviews and gather referrals to ensure your items will be safe and arrive in a timely manner. As mentioned with ordering supplies, setting up movers can also be a challenge with the recent nationwide relocations. If a full-service move is not in the budget, consider a packing party with friends and family. This will save on cost and could be loads of fun! Finally, you will want to pack an essentials bag. This will be for all items that you will need during the transition and the first night in the new home. Avoiding any additional stresses like not being able to find medications or your baby’s favorite blanket will prove to be crucial. 

  1. Change is Hard

Finally, the emotions associated with moving can be all-consuming. Saying your goodbyes early to make sure you can move on, knowing you have taken care of that chapter, will be very helpful. Also, making plans for your new home and location will help propel you into the excitement and remind you of why this relocation is happening. Most importantly, ask for help. If you are having a tough time, try reaching out to a friend or family member who has been where you are now.

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