How to Handle Moving With Pets

Pets are family, whether furry, fluffy, scaled or feathered. Moving can be stressful not just for you, but for your beloved critters, as well. So, how do you handle moving with pets? The process and decision-making can be overwhelming for anybody.

At Arthur Perez Movers, we have collected some of our best tips for moving with pets.

Decide On the Best Form of Transportation

Are you moving to the other side of the city, or are you making a move across the country? If your new home is within driving distance, then you can comfortably transport your pet with a kennel in your vehicle. However, if your move is transcontinental or international, then a flight will be your (and your pet’s!) best bet.

Prepare a Travel Kit for Your Pet

Before you move and pack everything, you should ensure that you have an overnight kit for your pet. You can include food, litter, treats and any comfort items, like a toy or favorite blanket. Your pet will most likely feel overwhelmed, so it is important to include as much of “home” as possible!

Remember to Update Your Pet’s Information

Is your cat or dog microchipped? Do they wear a tag? While moving, you should remember to contact your vet and update all records. Accuracy is key to ensuring that your pet returns to you if lost. For example, many dogs and cats find the opportunity to escape at gas stations and rest stops. Which leads to our next tip…

Only Let Your Pet Out Upon Arrival

We understand that pets need bathroom breaks just like the rest of us. However, we recommend releasing pets from their kennel only upon arrival at your new home. If you must let your pet out while on the road, then we recommend that you only do so at secure locations. Keep animals leashed if at all possible.

Upon arriving at your new home, then we suggest that you move your belongings before moving your pet. The familiarity will help your pet feel more comfortable as they slowly adjust to the new surroundings. They should feel as at home as you do!

What About Other Types of Pets?

As previously stated, pets go beyond just cats and dogs. Fish get stressed; guinea pigs are known to suffer easily from new elements; and, of course, jittery birds like to fly away. Our team of moving experts recommends that you conduct more research on how to best move pets deemed “unconventional”, like reptiles.

No one should be left behind or neglected during a move, including your pets. Rehoming or surrendering should be a last-resort decision for you and your family. When you are ready to move, and you have your pets prepared, then it will be time to call our expert team of movers.

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