Found a New Home, What are the Next Steps?

Moving is a stressful process, but it does not have to be if you are prepared. If you are planning on moving, there are a few things that you need to do to make sure that your move is successful. The first thing that you need to do is hire a professional moving company. You can talk with them about what they need from you in order for your move to go smoothly and they will also be able to help with packing and unpacking materials if needed as well as any other questions or concerns that may arise during this time period.

Hire a professional moving company.

When you’ve found a new place to live, your next step is to hire a professional moving company who can offers many benefits over DIY moves, including:

  • Time-consuming packing and unpacking.
  • Less strain and stress on family members.
  • Careful handling of fragile items like mirrors, china, and glassware.

To find a reputable moving company, ask friends or colleagues who have recently moved and if they had good or bad experiences with their movers. Don’t be afraid to do some research online too! To get the most out of your move with a professional mover, make sure that you communicate your needs clearly up front so that there are no surprises later down the line when the movers arrive at your home.

Your friends are not your movers.

  • Do not use your friends.
  • You will be stressed, and they will be stressed. They do not have the experience to move your things and are not insured for moving. It is not fair to put them in that position. Take the time and money to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

Make sure that you have a plan for the day.

  • Plan your day ahead of time. Take some time to think about what might need to be done on moving day and work out a plan for getting it done. For example, if you are moving into an apartment and don’t have any furniture yet, who will bring it in? Will they need help?
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Moving is exhausting! Make sure that you get enough rest the night before so that you can be on top of your game during the day of moving. Getting enough sleep will also help prevent injuries from accidents such as tripping over boxes or dropping heavy items on yourself.
  • Have a plan for packing and unpacking. If possible, try to have all items packed up before they go into transportation (e.g., boxes) so that they are not exposed while being transported by movers during the move itself–this helps prevent damage from mishandling or exposure to weather conditions (such as rain). If this isn’t possible due to lack of boxes/tape/etc., make sure someone stays behind until everything has been safely removed from its current location so that no valuables are left behind unprotected.

Prepare everything ahead of time.

The best way to avoid any last minute scrambling is to prepare everything ahead of time.

Make a plan for the day and make sure you have all the boxes, supplies and help you need lined up before moving day. If you don’t have enough moving boxes, buy some more. And don’t forget about packing tape!

If there are items that are really important or valuable, like family heirlooms, it’s a good idea to put them in storage until after the move so they don’t get lost or damaged during all the hustle and bustle.

Moving can be stressful, but it does not have to be with proper planning and communication with your moving company.

The first step is to create a moving checklist that includes all of the things you will need to pack, organize and move. This list should include:

  • A list of items you will be packing for yourself (don’t forget small things like books)
  • Items that are fragile or valuable and need special attention from the movers (this includes electronics)

Next, make sure you have an inventory of all your possessions so you know exactly what’s going where in your new home. You’ll want a paper copy as well as an electronic copy so if something gets lost in transit it can easily be found again when necessary! You should aslo keep up-to-date records on where everything went after unloading was complete.

Moving is one of the biggest challenges that people face during their lifetime. It can be stressful and overwhelming, but with proper planning and communication, your move will go smoothly. Hire a professional moving company who can help you get organized and keep track of everything that needs to be moved on moving day. Do not use your friends or family members because they may not have the experience necessary to handle such large tasks like packing up all your belongings into boxes or loading them onto trucks. We want your moving day to be a positive experience. 

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